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Guangzhou MACAS Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou MACAS Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a high-tech private enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacture of commercial full-automatic coffee grinder and providing relevant value-added services. With "technology, service" as the foundation of the group spirit, and to form a complete set of customized installation, commissioning training, maintenance of one-stop service system. The company's services include: R&D and manufacturing of commercial fully automatic coffee grinders, development and maintenance of commercial vending back-end software systems, and value-added services related to commercial vending. At the same time, the company establishes after-sales maintenance documents for all customer projects and sets up professional after-sales services. The service department implements a rapid response mechanism to ensure that customers' after-sales problems are resolved in the first place. The company has established good and stable partnerships with many well- known commercial vending equipment manufacturers and operators at home and abroad. we has gradually formed a strong talent technology and brand advantage. The company has an active and technically comprehensive team. The company's R&D team accounts for more than 30% of the total number of employees. The company has strong technical strength and strong after-sales service. The commercial fully automatic coffee grinder has been successfully deployed in banks, enterprises, supermarkets, residential quarters, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, restaurants, etc. and has achieved excellent operational results. But the results can't satisfy us, and the honor won't stop us. The achievement we can get is because no one is more serious than us, and more serious about the commercial vending industry! The company takes three satisfaction principles for customers: “Satisfaction of product quality, satisfaction of advanced technology and satisfaction of after-sales > service” ,  Constantly strengthen the comprehensive comp.


At present, the company has won honors as follows: Guangzhou small giant enterprise of scientific and

technological innovation, high-tech enterprise cultivation warehousing enterprise, small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprise, and national high-tech enterprise.


Based on the principle of customer's three satisfactions: "product quality satisfaction, advanced technology satisfaction and after-sales service satisfaction", the company continuously strengthens the comprehensive competitiveness within the enterprise. the company develops in competition and seeks opportunities in challenges. I believe our company will provide you with the best and most advanced products and technologies as well as the most perfect after-sales service.  Hard-working and sincere, we are willing to work hand in hand with you to create brilliant future!


Up to now, the company has more than 30 patents (invention patents, software copyright, utility model patents, etc.)



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